beauty only a blind man can see...

Anonymous asked: stand up and take your top of, hows that for subtle ;)

Ones enough….

Anonymous asked: nope, not subtle at all ;)

Since you were honest… Watch this space

Anonymous asked: so if you eat so much, whats your body look like now?

Is that a subtle way if asking me to post a photo?

Anonymous asked: cheesy 90s pop, thats unexpected. favorite song right now?

Like I say I’m training for the Brits boarder cross championships so it has to be naked and famous from the art of flight soundtrack :)

Anonymous asked: who's your fav musical artist?

I have a pretty huge range to be honest… I just dub/trap/metal/rap for boarding, cheesy 90s pop for walking, clasical for relaxing etc… I honestly couldn’t say…

onelastpeace asked: Do you have a favorite work of art? If so, why is it your favorite?

Dependant upon if you class it as a work of art or as a sketch, I love davinci’s vitruvian man just because of the story behind it…

I’m competing in the British championships for snowboarding this winter, so who wants to make me a body sign for support?

No one? Well this is awkward…